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Beauty is the first good of the human being

and when he looses this dimension, every civilization is in danger.

(A. Meneghetti)

Each one of us is a project of the Nature and just like all the projects of Nature

we all have a function and a purpose,

a mission in this world.

My mission is to allow to as many people as possible to have a direct impact with beauty, elegance and health through the products I constantly search and select.

Giulia Guardini, Founder of Julia Italica Eccellenza





How to improve our life?

How to experience a higher level of well-being?

Our selection of luxury and excellence products,

are what you need if these questions are still looking

for the right answer.  

Giulia, it's me

Italic Soul, dweller of the world. 

Entrepreneur, 6 languages spoken, professional experience in 4 countries (Europe and Asia). 

Passionate about nature, horses, music, art and fashion. Advocate of the universal values of Humanism, typical of Italian history.

Forever exploring beauty, grace and perfection in every thought and in every action .


My selection of luxury and exclusive goods is the result of a in-depth research

and careful selection of the best excellences of the italic identity.

Each of them is a unique soul.

Choosing one of these products means gifting yourself with the best you could possibly find. 


Do you want to be a Talent of Julia Italica Eccellenza?  

Are you an artist, an artisan, a producer, a craftsman, an entrepreneur embracing the universal values of Julia Italica Eccellenza?
Apply to be part of this world with your creations and products.

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