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Azienda Agricola

Angelo Guardini

The Nature and the Human Being: a unique generating Soul

Angelo Guardini, Anima (Soul) , 2002

Welcome to the Kingdom of the Etruscan Gold, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and many other agricultural uniquenesses. 

Angelo Guardini's products are grown in Alta Tuscia, a land of Etruscan civilization. 

In Angelo Guardini's vision an olive tree is a well-defined identity to be recognized and understood in its interaction with the elements: air, sun, earth and water.

It's not only a matter of producing an excellent extra-virgin olive oil: it is about transferring that soul, that identity in an essence that everybody call extra-virgin olive oil, that here acquires a character, a meaning that gives the way through an experience of senses sublimation.


We are born in a place not by chance, but to enrich it, to take what is good and make the most of it, then leaving more than we have taken. This is how our extravirgin olive oil is born: a pure experience of nature enriched by the ability of those who know how to give body to the soul of a place.

Angelo Guardini, Owner

ExtraVirgin Olive Oil


A typical 150 yo olive tree of the Canino type. 

Each type of plant has been carefully selected to be embodied in a specific product with unique characteristics, exalting in each combination what that kind of tree in that specific moment can give at the most. This is why each type of oil produced by Angelo Guardini, can be considered an artwork being the result of a metaphisical contact. 

Once the timing, maturation and type of plants have been chosen, 3 products are born. All outstanding even for those who have already lived uncommon tasting experiences. 

The bottles selected to contain these delicate essences are produced by a local company that has patented a paste and a color named "verde etrusco" (Etruscan green) capable of preventing UVA/UVB rays from penetrating even in minimal quantities, so that the consistency and color of the precious content are preserved for a long time. 

Podere Foresteria


Cultivar Caninese and Pendolino varieties– early harvest.
The olive harvest was brought forward at a particular level of ripening. That was the moment when they could give their best in terms of purity and quality. The Bosco terrain has a particular arboreal structure, walking among its trees you almost have the perception of passing through a dense forest. 

Podere Foresteria is the result of the alchemy of flavors given by the Canino and the Pendolino.

Hint and scent of fresh grass. A green meadow with the gentle fresh of the morning.

Monte dell'Oro


This monocultivar olive oil puts connects you to the strength and the mystery of this land. 

Here we enter the Kingdom of the Canino, the identity of the territory.  These are centennial plants originates from a wild olive tree native to the area called "Monte dell’Oro", "Gold Mount", near the ancient Etruscan city of Vulci.

This green gold is a product for those who love intense sensations. Monte dell'Oro is strength, is power which is just what the trees communicate resembling an oak in size and shape.

It is a surprising plant, which always ensures its production every year.

An olive oil that goes perfectly with grilled meats, especially red ones, venison, seasoned cheeses, as dressing to give impetus and personality to the dish.

Podere Mezzagnone


Cultivar varietà Caninese and Maurino.

On the strong foundations of the Canino variety it is possible to create many shades of taste and scent. With Maurino variety, combined with the strength of Canino variety, a full rounded tasting extra-virgin olive oil is created.

This olive oil is not afraid of combinations. Everyone should try it according to their own taste and pleasure.



The Selection

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The Angelo Guardini farmhouse started from a metamorphosis of life. The say "beauty will save the world" applies perfectly to the vocation of this entrepreneur and to his vision.


Angelo Guardini is passionately committed to Living Culture, in the search for goodness and beauty. Each tree is a specific identity in contact with the earth and with the air, in continuous movement and in constant communication with all other trees, as a single organism.


Understanding this synergy allows us to obtain an excellent product, always different, every year. It means choosing the right time for the perfect harvest time. It is giving a soul to the product, obtaining the best, not from a quantitative point of view but 'that' something somehow superior that Nature already offers.

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