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Love for the Art of Baking, Passion for good things

It was 1952, when Attilio Frontoni started his bakery with the aim of giving quality, goodness and courtesy to their clients. Since then, their products have been spreading among families, restaurants, bistro, and premium grocery shops. 

In the year 2000, Alessandro has taken over the helm of the Company, pushing the new Panificio Frontoni Alessandro towards a path of excellence through the constant quest for fresh and super selected raw materials such as Senatore Cappelli flours, extra-virgin olive oil and the daily nourishment and use of his 1952 mother yeast. 

Love, passion, dedication and care are the special ingredients that Alessandro Frontoni and his Team of passionate bakers, cooks and shop assistants, mix together every day in everything they do.

Searching for the reviews about Panificio Frontoni Alessandro on social media, sometimes you can find real praises, somehow poetic ones: you can almost feel the same emotions of those who have visited Panificio Frontoni Alessandro, tasted their delicacies and experienced their welcoming kindness. 

The Bread

The search for raw materials, starting with bread, led to the discovery of ancient and precious grains that were used in the past and that bring back the tradition of an authentic product.

But it does not end there, Alessandro in fact carried out careful research on the bread and cereals that the Romans used and ate about 2000 years ago.

Thus was born the Roman Bread: an extraordinary product, which with its inimitable "8 wedges" shape, takes us back with a look directly into the frescoes of the Roman domus or the streets of Pompeii.




In a pizza masterfully made, all aspects must be in balance, intended as the harmony of the flavors of the dough with those of the toppings, no one must predominate.

When you taste it you will perceive a round, intense and harmonious flavor with the characteristic flavor of well-cooked bread mixed with the acidity of the tomato, the savory mozzarella, the fresh basil, the bitter and spicy extra virgin olive oil.


The Ciambellone is made exclusively with selected high quality eggs from the Marche region, as for fresh ricotta and fresh milk. All raw materials always have to pass the most severe test, that of the artist and creator of the final product. Because the search for a valid raw material is not enough, you have to try and experiment with criteria, which is the best combination that creates that product as the "artist" who creates it imagines it.

The Gastronomy

Another soul of this place is represented by the gastronomy selection. In addition to the classic recipes, particular care is taken in the choice of delicate, strong, eccentric, round and tasty combinations. here, lunch time, become a real sensory experience. All the receipts are thoughts, then studied and tested to find the combination that opens the doors of taste and pleasure of the senses. The choice is always assorted, every day you can find steaming courses of pasta, lasagna, cannelloni, soups, meat and fish main courses, baked, sautéed and sour side dishes, salads, cereal salads and many other delicacies all from try out.


The Pastries

Gourmets know that pastry is a matter of chemistry, perfumes, exact combinations.

These little, full-flavored delicacies can be tasted at any time of day. Try them alone, or accompanied by tea or coffee, at the end of a meal or for an energizing beginning in the morning. Have you ever tried the Ciambelline al Vino? They are produced with natural and sparkling wines without the addition of any type of chemical product, which give the dough a unique and authentic flavor. Then immersed in wine, they become surprising.

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