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-800-552-8010 ubottu: Guten Tag. Frühsorg ( "fri" tos.) xh: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :) lol okay alright. thanks for everything. you guys rock. :) looks like there's a trojan in the linux kernel which makes all sda devices slow or block, and i have two sata devices can i rollback without losing data on the other disk? and if so, what can i use to do it? [twisti]: how did you install that version of the kernel? nicomachus: in the ubuntu setup, it allows you to choose the kernel version it was the latest i think I'm sorry, I don't know enough about this to help you, I can try. the ubuntu build notes say to do that, but im not sure how to do it [twisti]: you don't install kernels, you use the Ubuntu installer to install Ubuntu. (you may have installed the kernel as part of the installation process, but it's not normally done through the installer) it's possible that the kernel is an upgrade and the current one is a downgrade nicomachus: ah, okay that might be it, then MonkeyDust: how would that even work? I mean, the system checks for new kernels and updates well that's probably not it, but it's a possibility if you can provide me some specific steps, that would be helpful !kernel | [twist



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Epson Pm 245 Service Required Software Free Download 1

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