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Julia Italica Eccellenza, a place to restore your own uniqueness

by Giulia Guardini

Julia Italica Eccellenza is the accomplishment of an idea, the answer for an aesthetic aspiration. The coordinates of this project are as simple as they are specific. The means, the team and that elegance that I like and in which I identify myself: the sophisticated luxury of natural authenticity with a humanistic purpose.

For quite some time I have witnessed the development of some products brand, expression of entrepreneurs’ loyalty to a mission and a humanistic ethics that led them to pursue their love and develop their skills to create unique, absolute quality artisanal products.

They all have a common thread, a fil rouge: they embody the values of that "Italic" humanitas which, when it can be found, reveals itself as total well-being for the individual, also in the sense of the elevation of one's natural impulse and aimed at the inner development of those same values and sensibilities.

I therefore desired to create a place that could host and present to the world these products that I already knew and the future ones that I would meet in my relentless search for entrepreneurs who carry those values and are able to make them reachable and enjoyable through their products.

With the support of my Executive Business Coach, I have learned to put all my skills and energies at the service of my project everyday more and better, succeeding to select only those actions, people, images and opportunities which were contributing factors to the realization of my project.

Once considered all the variables involved, an e-commerce was the perfect solution, for the moment.

Thanks to the know-how gained in various professional experiences, I was able to measure myself by creating a website that could represent the feelings, the vision and the emotion that these unique products offer.

After months of hard work made of planning, editing, reviewing and careful selection of images, Julia Italica Eccellenza is born.

Our aim is to discover more and more Talents to make Julia Italica Eccellenza the place where you can buy excellent products created by the genius of artists and artisans, where it is possible to talk about humanistic culture, art and information: articles, interviews, posts, recipes and tips.

The Talents Blog is the place where it is possible to discuss between users, on the topics to which posts or sections are dedicated according to the interventions or emerging topical subjects with reference to quality, genuineness, craftsmanship, excellence as guiding values of human action.

The context has an international vocation to broaden and improve the perspective with the contribution of different awareness and cultures and also offers the Talents the opportunity for an accretive comparison.

Welcome to Julia Italica Eccellenza!


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