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New Arrivals

Azienda Agricola 



New Italic Talents

Julia Italica Eccellenza
proudly introduce you
the New Italic Talent discovered, 
capable of embodying the Italic principles
and the philosophy of our project.
Pietrafitta in Maremma- piscina sulla valle_

Azienda Agricola 


Discover our
'Italic' goes beyond nationality, it is a characteristic of the Human being, a natural search for aesthetic proportion even in the simplest object. The italic modus was born here, in Italy, in the unique atmosphere, colors and proportions of our Land, embracing from here the whole world. 

Choose how to start your Personal Experience.

We are natural & artisanal Italic luxury products scouters 
Our team is oriented to the creation of opportunities for well-being, higher consciousness and encounter with the human being through one of his products. An artistic ecstasy going beyond simple contemplation which creates  a direct connection with the art within that bread, that oil, that object. 
The Canino trees_

Azienda Agricola 

Angelo Guardini

We present these incredible products originating from an exclusive place located between Lazio and Tuscany, in the heart of Italy.

Welcome to the Kingdom of the extravirgin olive oil: the Monocultivar Oro Etrusco, the Première Cru Il Canto del Bosco and Olistico, the blend.

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Forget about anything you have ever tried on your skin.

With ΓΗΣ you will find you are much different. You will experience different sensations, different textures, different perfumes. Every ingredient of  ΓΗΣ products is cultivated and transformed according to the nature of each.  A complete joy for your skin and for all your senses that will benefit your body and your spirit. 

Why are these products so unique?

Everything you will find here is the highest expression of an artist's inspiration
embodying technical knowledge combined with a never ending quest
for the most natural and the best quality raw materials.  
These products are destined to those who know how to rejoice in the beauty of nature,
those who know how to savor truly genuine flavors, those who seek for an holistic harmony in their existence. 

Love for 'the white art' is infinite here.

This special place brings together art and technique, experience and study, in one word passion for good and simple things.


Azienda Agricola


Discover the authentic italic hospitality.

Pietrafitta is a magical place located in the heart of Italy right between Tuscany and Lazio. It is a splendid luxury agriturismo, whose main house was erected at the beginning of the 19th century. Here you can spend an unforgettable holiday and a unique enogastronomic experience. You can taste and buy legumes, cereals, vegetables and fruit grown in a sustainable and organic way.

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